terça-feira, 4 de outubro de 2011

Six by 6Bloggers

Ok...I wasn´t at Paris but it seems to! Here the 6 models created for Six London. Although they are just prothotypes they already promise.
My favorites are shown below from Leandra Medini and Caroline.
Take a look at the photos and sketches:

Tenho de fazer jus à minha fama de boca de lavagem! Finalmente ao fim de alguns meses, posso apresentar os modelos criados por 6 bloggers para a Six London.
Estão todos de parabéns mas a minha preferência vai para os modelos criados pela Leandra Medini e pela Caroline.

'When SIX asked me if I wanted to design a shoe I immediately screamed YES! It was pretty seamless after that. I am always looking for the perfect bootie so this has really been a 22 year work in progress!' - Leandra Medini

'My shoe reflect my personality in that the silhouette is chic - underneath the bright colours and the studs is something classic, but still decorated by a big chunk of what's trendy. I'm hoping to wear them with everything! I want a versatile shoe that could either compliment a great outfit or spruce up one that needs a little push of crazy.' Leandra Medini

'Well I just couldn't say no to creating my own dream shoe! I'd never designed anything from scratch before, and this has actually made me want to do more of it, it's such a fun experience. But I never would have imagined quite the amount of planning and detail that goes into them, every millimetre counts. When I was at the factory I could have watched them work for hours.' - Caroline Blomst

 'I've always been a boot girl, I like boots, I wear them every day, and I wanted to make something cool. I had a Versace couture pair in mind when I started, and also some by Chloé. So I wanted to do a mixture of those two, with an added little twist of my own. I'd say they're real rock-chick boots, they work with everything in my wardrobe.' Caroline Blomst
Once again, congratulations to Six London that gave the opportunity to turn real this kind of projects. During November it will be possible to order from Farfetch.

Mais uma vez, parabéns a todos e principalmente à Six London por fazer acontecer este tipo de projectos. Agora, a partir de Novembro é só passar o cartão na Farfetch.

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