terça-feira, 6 de setembro de 2011

Walking in ... Paris

ASH in Paris (floor of Place Vendôme)

When you do what you love, good ideas get off the dark and found the day light. :)))
This is what i´ll do with my new section of Life is Butter with Bread, where 2 of my passions get mixed: Travel and Shoes.

From now on, i will also publish Walking in, a place where i photograph my shoes and the floor behind me.
The first post of this new category, once again starts with ASH :))) and PARIS. Unfortunately pictures are not so good.
But i promise that one day i will travel around the world, full of shoes and nice photos.
By now, a little bit more about Paris:

Another passion, graffiti...

at Who´s Next

I won´t forget the When

Buggy rocks

Not in the Opera :)

neither at Lafayette

Parisienne way of living

 Oh! La la the 60 years old lady also rocks :)))

 I want one of this

Maybe i should dress like her

Crisis??!!! What crisis??? Look at the queue.

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