terça-feira, 7 de junho de 2011

The daily SHOE with Paula Granja :))

This is the kind of idea that you should put automatically in action.
"The daily show with Jon Stewart" inspires me to create "The daily SHOE with Paula Granja :))"

Why? Really addicted to shoes, even named Imelda Marcos by a friend (Thank you, Mario!), this is a kind of therapy and excuse to continue my search for the perfect shoes. 

These posts will be quite simple, just an image and the brand of the shoes.
Who knows if the brands will pay attention to my blog! Hope so...

The first has to be special and it was no difficult to select him.

The story

Fall in love with this boot while in Milan. Too expensive in the store, begin my search for another place to buy it, found in Neiman Marcus with 50% discount. Amazing!!
At the end of the buying process, the girl in the chat told me that it´s impossible to send this boot to Portugal
:((. Ok, must be this girl, let´s try again!!! Result: the same.
But i have to had this boots.
I was exhibiting in the MICAM, the most important exhibition of footwear, and the stand of the brand was exactly in the same pavillion where i am.
Try to get the boots directly from the factory but it is not possible. The kind girl gave me the contact of the Portuguese distributor of the brand which i call twice and nicely told me that, as soon as they receive it (in October :O), they will contact me.
Ok, it´s nice but late!
I have to find someone in the US that buy the boots for me and send them back to Portugal.
Thank God, a friend of a friend has a sister living in New York that send me this nice ASH Studded Motorcycle Boot.

3 comentários:

  1. Ok, mesmo que a história não tivesse contornos quase novelescos, AMO estas botas quase tanto como a fotografia. (e finalmente voltaram a poder comprar-se biker boots em lojas com preços decentes, algo que já não era visto há uns bons 15 anos, pelo menos!!)

  2. E sabes onde estão hoje??? Nos meus pés :)

  3. Gosto tanto, mas tanto, mas taaaaanto que até dói (sobretudo a alma, por me ter metido no "ano sem compras"). Ai!